By Robert Muggah, Co-founder and Research and Innovation Director, and Ilona Szabó, Co-founder and President at the Igarapé Institute.

With tensions rising between global powers, digital attacks increasing in frequency and intensity, deepening climate threats and dangerously uneven Covid-19 recovery, 2021 is shaping-up to be the year that risk management took center stage. How governments, companies and citizens anticipate and respond to interconnected systemic risks today will determine whether they thrive or survive in the coming years.

At least three major trends will shape the risk environment in the short- to medium-term. The first is the Covid-19 pandemic progression and…

By Jean-Paul Agon

This year, the deadly pandemic has touched all our lives. As the world attempts to contain the disease, the crisis has reinforced the need for collective action and international collaboration on health, economic and social issues. It has been a wake-up call to our precarious future if we do not unify to solve together our shared challenges of the 21st century: reversing climate change, fighting inequality, promoting inclusive growth, among many others.

Multilateralism must not be just an ambition. It is our only option.

For many decades, it has been a pillar of peace and prosperity. Human…

By Jutta Urpilainen

2020 has tested us all in ways we could not have imagined this time last year. In difficult times, there is sometimes a tendency to turn inwards, and get sucked into our own problems. However, as a global community, we have not fallen into that trap. Together we are moving towards something new and better, not the same old.

At the Paris Peace Forum, the entire international community gathers not only to continue to respond to the crisis but also to build a better, greener, more equal and sustainable post-COVID world. …

By José María Figueres (Board Chair, Ocean Unite) and Denis Duverne (Chairman, AXA Group and Chairman, Insurance Development Forum)

In a year in which the Covid pandemic has shown all of us the interconnectedness of our world and how important it is to invest in nature, the Ocean is often forgotten as a critical investible solution to both mitigate risk and build resilience to change. Last year’s IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate underscored how human activity is now changing the Ocean faster than at any time in the past 65 million years. …

By Dr Seth Berkley (CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance)

Never has the development of vaccines been so widely anticipated as for COVID-19, and arguably never has so much been at stake. Because without COVID-19 vaccines, we cannot bring this crisis to a swift end. This has focused the world’s attention on the critical role vaccines play in protecting lives, livelihoods and economies. But vaccines do more than save lives; they help foster equitable, peaceful and stable societies. …

By Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

Around the world, women too often remain excluded from decision-making structures and processes, particularly in the male-dominated realm of security. This affects not only the women who are excluded, but also society at large which misses out on the opportunity to benefit from their experiences and perspectives. This trend is particularly acute in the Sahel region of West Africa, where women are traditionally excluded from the security sector, stifling their ability to contribute and depriving society at large of the acknowledged benefits of inclusive security governance.

Therefore, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and Danish Demining…

By Delphine O

In 2020, we are at a critical point for gender equality. The current pandemic has provoked unprecedented damage to gender equality worldwide. Reports from UN agencies, governments, NGOs all concur: the crisis has deepened, not reduced, inequalities between men and women, and in some places, it has become a threat against women’s fundamental rights. At the same time, there is a unique opportunity to build a post-Covid world where gender equality finally becomes a reality. The Generation Equality Forum in 2021 should and will be a milestone in this regard.

In 1995, the fourth UN Conference on…


COVID-19 has fundamentally altered our lives. The virus continues to pose a formidable challenge to all of us, our communities, our governments, economies and societies. At a moment when facts about the coronavirus and how to contain it are absolutely critical, trust in conventional sources of information has eroded in many parts of the world. Adeeply unfortunate ‘infodemic’ further complicates the pandemic response. This is especially true in contexts already weakened and polarised by crisis or conflict.

Data collection and analysis will play a key role in identifying and implementing response strategies, particularly through the use of…

By Sergio Suchodolski

Since early 2020, the world is facing health and economic crisis of immense proportions. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have been hard-hit by such economic downturn. SMEs contributions to economic development are vital, however the impact of the crisis to this segment poses critical financing obstacles to their survival and to sustain their role on the economy.

According to the OECD’s SMEs and Entrepreneurship Brazil 2020 Policy, SMEs account for 62% of the nation’s total employment and 50% of national value added. Yet, access to credit at adequate conditions is a growing and critical issue to the…

By Igor Shuvalov

Konstantin Paustovsky, a Nobel Prize nominated Russian author, once said: “Understanding nature, and having a humane and respectful attitude towards it, is one of the elements of morality, and a part of one’s worldview”. In 2020, at the height of the unforeseen COVID-19 crisis which is causing unprecedented challenges for humanity, we gather for the Paris Peace Forum, to speak about what unites, rather than separates, us all. We will discuss past failures, and the lessons needed to be learnt in order to build a more sustainable and resilient future.

The COVID-19 crisis has revealed the weaknesses…

Paris Peace Forum

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