Now is the time for gender equality: why the Generation Equality Forum is a milestone we should not miss?

Paris Peace Forum
4 min readNov 3, 2020

By Delphine O

In 2020, we are at a critical point for gender equality. The current pandemic has provoked unprecedented damage to gender equality worldwide. Reports from UN agencies, governments, NGOs all concur: the crisis has deepened, not reduced, inequalities between men and women, and in some places, it has become a threat against women’s fundamental rights. At the same time, there is a unique opportunity to build a post-Covid world where gender equality finally becomes a reality. The Generation Equality Forum in 2021 should and will be a milestone in this regard.

In 1995, the fourth UN Conference on the Rights of Women in Beijing achieved tremendous results: for the first time, women’s rights were internationally recognized as human rights and an ambitious agenda was designed to implement them. But 25 years later, the Covid-19 crisis bears the risk of dramatically widening the gender gap. Not only women have experienced hardest gender-based violence during the lockdowns (+30% of cases in France as in many countries around the world), but the economic crisis can considerably expose women to economic precariousness, especially for the 740 million women who are estimated to work in the informal economy. The crisis has put additional…