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By Mario Aguilera

Access to energy remains as one of the major challenges worldwide with over 1 billion people still out of electricity. This lack of access to affordable, clean energy acts as one of the main challenges and constraints in providing better access to education and in general to overall development and well-being of a country and its people.

Education in rural areas is the most affected area for developing countries as education is always behind in regards to current events and science advancements (information can go outdated and evolve every day with the advancement of science). These discoveries are always first online, which is one of the reasons why we believe that the flow of education and data needs to be digitized in order to be shared and taught.

Rural teachers are still relying solely on books in order to teach and also to base their teaching methods on traditional approaches of the past.

Finland has the most advanced curriculum of education and methodology in the world. And it relies on a combination of methods that go from traditional approaches to the most recent that are very dependent on audiovisual technology.

Finland has been able to export most of its methods but most of them are audiovisual and require energy and also visual aids and speakers. The good news is that even rural areas can benefit from this methods and the information but requiere mobile energy thus we have created SMB (Solar media Backpack) which is an all in one embedded system that aids rural teachers or training personnel to carry an all in one system to turn any room or place into a classroom.

With this tool children even in rural regions can be educated with the latest information and not depend on the grid to get an up-to date education.

SMB has also the capabilities of connectivity to a platform that is able to collect data, statistics and communicate with headquarters should emergencies happen.

We have combined our years of experience in the field of off-grid energy storage and generation and put all of it together in this product to help organisations and governments tackle the biggest issue on remote teaching and training..

We believe that through this programme we will be able to mass produce SMB and make sure we are able to help all children in need of quality education and reach every corner where education is restricted because of energy solutions.

Education is a human right; it should not depend on energy availability or location.

Views expressed in this publication are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Paris Peace Forum.

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Mario Aguilera is the CEO and Founder at Tespack, a company specialised in mobile energy with the goal of making everyone Energy Independent. Awarded as Best Energy Startup in EU, the hottest tech Startup in Helsinki & Finland by TNW and Wired. Current partners and customers

include Plan International, UNHCR, Audi and Korean Government amongst others.

Mario has a background in military special forces, renewables, wearables and production of hardware. Winner of over 10 different competitions (White Bull, Startup Turkey, Red Herring, etc) and recognised entrepreneur and innovator by the President of Finland and President of Korea. Proud Top 2 Global Winner of K Startup Challenge (South Korea).

Invited speaker to tech events and conferences covering

topics on tech, wearables, sales, innovation, renewables, entrepreneurship and motivation. Featured by Forbes, TNW, Wired, Fox, etc. Participant at US aired reality TV show, Neal’s Running Start and also Korean National Tv.

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